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Bernie McGrenahan is a stand-up comedian touring the globe to personally thank our resilient Military service members, civilians and dependents for their service to our nation!  His original Comedy ‘With a Message’ program is the #1 ranked risk-reduction and prevention program in the country and has been presented at over 300 military bases world-wide.  Created in 1995 ‘Comedy is the Cure‘ applauds our military for staying mentally and physically fit during times of challenge.  This news media followed tour a combination of his stand-up comedy material followed by his personal life experiences of destructive behaviour. .  Bernie’s ‘personal and inspirational testimony‘ is the key factor to ‘Comedy is the Cure’s’ overwhelming impact and response, delivering tools and information to keep our units strong!  This is a program of the heart! A tale of one person’s willingness to admit his shortcomings, the courage to ‘ask for help’ and the resilience to ‘make a change’!  This sole-source program targets: RESILIENCY, SAFETY, BYSTANDER INTERVENTION & RESPECT!  ‘Comedy “With a Message’ is reducing destructive behaviors and saving lives! Empower your work force to be mentally fit and prepared for duty!  For more, please click here to read Bernie’s BIO

Click here, to view a live demo of the ‘COMEDY “With a Message’ ‘ prevention program!



Joint Force Headquarters National Capital Region – “Comedy With A Four Star Message” is here!

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I am THRILLED and honored to be making my first visit to the Joint Force Headquarters National Capital Region Joint Force Headquarters National Capital Region / Military District of Washington.   Based at Fort Lesley J. McNair, Washington, D.C., JFHQ- NCR plans, partners, maintains situational awareness, and as directed, employs forces as a Joint Task Force conducting homeland defense and civil support operations to defend and secure the National Capital Region.  In addition, JTF-NCR is a joint service organization charged with coordinating all military ceremonial participation and support for the 58th Presidential Inauguration.  I will be delivering my program at Conmey Hall at 0930 on Wednesday 28 September.  Can’t wait to share my “Comedy With A Four Star Message” with the over 2000+ soldiers and civilians expected to be in attendance!! See you there!

jfhq-ncr-medal Redstone stage3 (2) 

Above: The JFHQ-NCR emblem and me on stage doing what I love! 

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NAS Oceana- The East Coast Home of the US Navy’s fighter-attack jet fleet

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Congrats to “I Killed” raffle book winners: Jessica Stricker and Todd Hickox!!

Thank you to all you Sailors and civilians who joined me in the Aerotheater today.  You guys were so much fun!  I hope you had a few laughs and enjoyed a new approach to “training”.  NAS Oceana is the east coast home of the U.S. Navy’s fighter-attack jet fleet. Located right in the heart of Virginia Beach, the base is a hub of activity vital to projecting the nation’s air power in hot spots worldwide. Thank you for the opportunity Marie and colleagues :)  See pics from today’s training below

nas-oceana-entrance nas-oceana-jet-fleet  nas-oceana-crowd nas-oceana-pre-show  nas-oceana-meet-n-greet nas-oceana-b-and-sailors

Above: a couple pics of NAS Oceana and this afternoon’s training in the Aerotheater. 

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New Jersey National Guard- Amazing crowd today!

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Rich Adair and Maria Hamlin- CONGRATS!  “I Killed” raffle book winners!

Hello New Jersey National Guard!  I want to thank all you soldiers and airmen for your service and for the amazing reception you gave me today at the Timmerman Theater.  I felt honored and humbled by your standing ovation.  I hope you had some laughs and enjoyed a new approach to “mandatory training”.  The consists of over  9000 Guardsmen and is currently engaged in several worldwide and homeland missions. On the home front, the Guard is responsible for Homeland Security tasks in the State of New Jersey. Their mission is “To Provide Mission Ready Units, Equipment and Personnel to The Adjutant General of New Jersey and the United States Air Force.   

njng-emblemnjang-airplanes  njng-back-of-house njng-back-of-house-2  

njng-front-of-house phl-76ers-stadium phl-eagles-stadium

Above: a couple pics of the Guard and the audience from today’s program.  76ers stadium and Eagles stadium on the way back to the PHL airport. 

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115th Fighter Wing- Wisconsin Air National Guard

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What an amazing crowd today at the 115th Fighter Wing Wingman day!!!!   Almost 1,000 strong gave an outstanding response and I was humbled by your standing ovation/appreciation. Special thanks to Vice Commander Peterson SMS Edart, LT Col Parker, Command Chief McKay, Chaplin Hyer and the great entertaining and educational performance by Team Truax! Also CONGRATS TO the 10 new Airmen who were sworn in by Colonel Peterson. A noble decision to those brave men and women, to serve their country !!!! The mission of the 115th FW is to deliver dominant combat and agile support domestic operations.  See pics from the program below!

“I Killed” raffle book winners: Michelle Fritz and Casey Filter- CONGRATS!

115 FW aircraft  115th FW emblem   115-fw-2    115-fw 115-fw-7115-fw-6 115-fw-3115-fw-5 115-fw-8

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Ft Hood- The ‘Great Place’ hosts Resiliency Day! Welcome my brother Sean to TX!

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Thursday raffle winners: Dante Sigears and Ashley Gonzales.  CONGRATS!
Friday’s two Palmer Theater winners: Amber Wells and David Jordan.  CONGRATS!! 

I want to thank everyone who participated in the Events today and for not only sharing some laughter but for bringing awareness to such a serious topic.  The Incredible Suicide Prevention Team at Ft Hood led by Sharon and supported by Kenya, Ronnie, Stephanie, Paula, and many others is one of the most efficient and caring in our Armed Forces.  Nicknamed the ‘Great Place’ , Ft Hood holds a special place in my heart and I am so honored to be invited back to be a part of your Resiliency Day!  Fort Hood is the Army’s Premier Installation to train and deploy heavy forces. It is also the only post in the United States capable of stationing and training two Armored Divisions.  It was an honor to serve you, and not only do I want to thank you personally, but my brother Sean felt like a Rock Star when you gave him such an amazing greeting center stage! All made possible by the kind heart of his sister in law, our sweet Melissa. :)  The two Palmer Theater shows are directly below.  The lower half photos are from yesterday in the gym.  Note: I apologize for the poor quality of the photos.  We had lighting and camera tech issues.  Oh well, you get the vibe ( I HOPE! )   
   hood10 hood1 hood5 hood9

hood4 hood6 hood7 hood8   hood11 hood12 hood2 hood3 
BELOW are the gym pics from Thursday.   

Main gate at the Fort Hood Army Base Ft Hood soldiers 1 4

6 8 10 5
7 9 22

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Ft Polk, LA… WHAT AN AMAZING WEEK! Raffle Winners below!

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CONGRATS to the following “I Killed” raffle book winners-
Wednesday Aug 24- SSG Bryan Durbin and SPC Chantel Smith.  
Thursday Aug 25 – Stephen Scott and Tori Marietta.  
Friday Aug 26- Cody Cryts and Maria Raya. 
Wednesday Aug 31- Pamela Jeffcoat and Dave Pribble.  
Tuesday Sep 6- Travis Ward and Benjamin Campbell. 

Wednesday Sep 7- Stephanie Arroyo-Reyes and Michael Miller (please text (702) 748-4305 to claim your book) 

I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to be here at Ft Polk!  It’s been several years since I have visited this installation and I am excited to be back!   In addition to training soldiers and growing leaders to deploy, fight, and win, Ft Polk provides a secure, thriving community for Soldiers, Army Civilians, Retirees, and their Families.  Thank you to SFC Cortes and Major Camphouse for working so HARD to bring my Comedy With A Four Star Message to the soldiers and civilians.  I know it took a lot of determination and effort but you did it and I am grateful!   I will be at the Bayou Theater on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday (24, 25, 26 and 31 August and 6 September) at 0900 and 1100 and the Base Chapel on 7 Sept at 0900 and 1100 .  Come by and say hey…have some laughs…and enjoy a different approach to ‘training’.  

 Ft Polk Bernie stage audience Ft Polk Ft Polk laughter Ft Polk Bernie stage 
Ft Polk laugh Ft Polk audience  Ft Polk B fists  Ft Polk B stage  
Ft Polk meet and greet  Ft Polk B and soldier  Ft Polk meet n greet 1 Ft Polk 3

Above: a couple pics of Ft Polk entry (old and new!) and a couple pics of me, SFC Warren and SFC Cortes from todays trainings. Thank you to CPT Rosa J. Outing for the photos. 

Naval Submarine Base King’s Bay- East Coast’s home to Trident nuclear powered submarines!

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Congrats to “I Killed” raffle book winners: Jose Centeno, Jason Crandell and Joe Cowan!! 

It was so awesome to be back here in Georgia at Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay!!  THANK YOU to the over 800 sailors, marines and civilians who came out to this afternoon’s programs in the Base Gymnasium.  It has been about 2 1/2 years since I’ve been here and it never ceases to amaze me at what this base is all about.  Thank for all the love and for hosting my program and hopefully you all had some laughs and left with things to think about.  I truly enjoyed my day with you all!!   NSB Kings Bay is the state-of-the-art home to the Atlantic Fleet’s Ballistic and Guided Missile Submarines.   

NSB Kings Bay  NSB Kings Bay entrance Kings Bay B before show Kings Bay B with sailors Kings Bay meet and greet 2

Above: a couple pics of NSB Kings Bay.  A couple pics from this afternoon’s program of me and the sailors.  (program photos courtesy of Marie Parker…thank you Marie!!)

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Happy Independence Day!

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Independence Day Image

We are forever grateful that our Independence is because of those who serve.  We thank you!

NAS Oceana- the East Coast home of the US Navy Fighter’s Attack Jet Fleet

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Congrats to “I Killed” raffle book winners: Matt Caples and Danielle Lamberton!

Day two of my stop here in Virginia brings me to the East Coast home of the US Navy Fighter’s Attack jet fleet: Naval Air Station Oceana.   Located right in the heart of Virginia Beach, the base is a hub of activity vital to projecting the nation’s air power in hot spots worldwide. NAS Oceana’s mission is to support the Navy’s Atlantic and Pacific Fleet Force of Strike-Fighter Aircraft & Joint/Inter-Agency Operations.   Thank you to OPNAV and to RPC Smith and SH1 Coriat for bringing me here and giving me the opportunity to deliver my “Comedy With A Four Star” message to you sailors and civilians.  

NAS Oceana emblem  NAS Oceana gate NAS Oceana postshow NAS Oceana postshow2

Above: a couple pics after today’s program of me and some of the sailors.  Pictures taken with a very high quality camera, ha!

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NAVSTA Norfolk- worlds largest Naval Station!!

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Congrats to “I Killed” raffle book winners: Mark Harlow, Joshua Ripley and Jasmine Hawkins!!

I’m here in Virginia at Naval Station Norfolk, the world’s LARGEST Naval station!  Wow, this place is massive!! NAVSTA Norfolk supports 75 ships and 134 aircraft alongside 14 piers and 11 aircraft hangars. The base houses the largest concentration of U.S. Navy forces. Air Operations conducts an average of 275 flights per day or one every six minutes. It is the hub for Navy logistics going to the European and Central Command theaters of operations, and to the Caribbean.  Thank you to Chief Lee and OS1 Pugh for putting everything together for the programs.  You guys rock! I will be at Bldg N-30 on Wednesday 15 June at 1200.  Please come by, share some laughs and say hello!

NAVSTA Norfolk emblem  NAVSTA Norfolk pier Sean loving his big bro NAVSTA Norfolk meet n greet 1 NAVSTA Norfolk meet n greet 2  NAVSTA Norfolk morning 1 NAVSTA Norfolk morning 2 NAVSTA Norfolk selfie

Above: a few pics of NAVST Norfolk.  Me and special ‘little’ brother Sean.  Pics from this mornings 0900 training

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